Regular Qi Gong Therapy Workshops are held in the Brisbane and Byron areas.

Interstate and International locations are also available upon request.

Qigong Meridian (Channel) Therapy is for Practitioners of any modality!

In the workshop, we learn how to treat others and cultivate our own lifeforce – Qi, aligning ourselves between heaven & earth, the yin yang 5 elements & triple heater system. We begin to awaken our heart mind, and to purge all those Qi – pathogens which make us sick. In order to treat the complexities of physical & emotional illness in others, we weave through the triple heater system, 12 main channels, 8 primordial extraordinary channels, Chinese clock etc. to perform a root to branch treatment. The root treatment enables you to address the root cause whilst the branch enables you to clean up symptoms, on both yourself & patients.

Learn how to look, listen/smell, ask & palpate (touch) to diagnose illness, emphasis placed on the acupuncture wrist pulse & abdominal palpation. In accordance with the ways of my Japanese teachers & colleagues, the wrist pulse is broken down into simple components, so as we may more easily read the natural elements within the body. Beginners learn how to touch Qi; stroking channels and connecting to acu-hollows (points), as well as the basics of the yin yang 5 elements, whilst advanced practitioners delve into the intricacies of the Qi-system to treat complicated disease.

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