ABOUT gregory williams

Having started my formal Qi studies in China and Japan 17 years ago with Taiji and Qigong Acupuncture, I now practice and research around the world. In Australia, I have had my own clinic for over 10 years. I have also spent two years in Thailand researching Qi and writing my book. Being able to read old Japanese script, I translate and comment on the Chinese acupuncture classics. This has become my book: Qi The Source of Life. With this material, the teachings from my masters and my own experience, I have been teaching a dedicated group of acupuncturists for ten years. Now I am expanding my teachings to practitioners of other modalities as Qi Medicine and Meditation.

By merging my Taiji from China and my Qigong Acupuncture from Japan, I feel my practices returning to their shamanic Daoist roots. That is, the merging of the Heaven – Earth polarity of the Taiji through the yin yang with the 5 elements of acupuncture brings spirit and form together as one universe (Oneverse).
My style, both Taiji and acupuncture is very gentle and light. The gentler I touch the electro-magnetic Qi meridian field, the more I am able to treat the body mind heart from spirit. By gently healing the mind and heart from spirit, the body is able to properly heal.

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