Having started my formal Qi studies in China and Japan 17 years ago with Taiji and Qigong Acupuncture, I now practice and research around the world. In Australia, I have had my own clinic for over 10 years. I have also spent two years in Thailand researching Qi and writing my book. Being able to read old Japanese script, I translate and comment on the Chinese acupuncture classics. This has become my book: Qi The Source of Life. With this material, the teachings from my masters and my own experience, I have been teaching a dedicated group of acupuncturists for ten years. Now I am expanding my teachings to practitioners of other modalities as Qi Medicine and Meditation.

By merging my Taiji from China and my Qigong Acupuncture from Japan, I feel my practices returning to their shamanic Daoist roots. That is, the merging of the Heaven – Earth polarity of the Taiji through the yin yang with the 5 elements of acupuncture brings spirit and form together as one universe (Oneverse).
My style, both Taiji and acupuncture is very gentle and light. The gentler I touch the electro-magnetic Qi meridian field, the more I am able to treat the body mind heart from spirit. By gently healing the mind and heart from spirit, the body is able to properly heal.
Merging Qi Medicine and Meditation,
meditation becoming medicine on self;
medicine becoming meditation on other.
Medicine and meditation becoming one in the same.

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