Emotions & Seasons

Emotions & Seasons


Through the Yin Yang 5 elements, our inner emotions flow with the outer seasons.

We could say, our emotions are our inner seasons moving us through the cycles of life.


From our heart, our emotions do come,

influenced by the Qi-energy of the other 4 elements & yin organs.


The wood (wind) element, like the season of spring,

through the liver gives us our flowing vigour of life.

Waking us up in the morning, it springs us into the vigour of our day.

Imbalanced, this vigour blows up into anger, frustration, urgency & haste

—an impatience that blocks us up into inefficiency.


The fire element, like the season of summer,

through the heart, gives us the clarity of clear mind & calm excitement.

Expanding our heart mind body into the middle of the day, it ignites us into enthusiasm.

Imbalanced, this sharply burning enthusiasm, explodes into over-excitement & anxiety.


The metal element, like the season of autumn,

through the lung, gives us our easeful joy.

Cooling us down into the afternoon & evening, it calms us down into relaxation.

Failing to cool, we remain agitated in the evenings leading to poor sleep.

Over-cooling, failing to hold the summer warmth in our heart, we fall into a sad, melancholy…depression.


The water element, like the season of winter,

through the kidneys, gives us our peace of mind body & heart.

Failing to ground through the kidneys, we get anxious, flushed & insomniac.

Over-falling into the winter cold, our hearts freeze over with fear.


The earth element, as the middle (or late summer),

through the digestive spleen, gives us rational thought & harmonious movement.

Like physical food, we must also properly digest thought in order to move well.

Imbalanced, our thoughts churn into worry & our movements become sluggish & disjointed.


The harmony of middle-earth keeps all our emotions in balance;

just enough spring vigour,

just enough summer clarity,

just enough autumn calm,

just enough winter peace,

to keep us flowing fluidly through life.


This is the Way of staying young, healthy & happy as we live each day in balance.

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