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Qi the source of Life

“Right from the very beginning, technique must be based on spirit” (Spiritual Axis 8)

This 2000 yr-old Chinese quote sets the tone for my book, “Qi the Source of Life” and becomes the motto for Qi Arts – both in clinic and workshops.

The Book,“Qi the Source of Life”, is a poetic verse journeying through TCM ideas into the mystical world of Qigong Taiji.
Based on the author’s own 2000-yr old Chinese medical translations from old Japanese to English, the book connects the two worlds of Chinese medicine with Taiji Qigong meditation. By joining the yinyang & 5 elements through the triple heater system with the 8 extraordinary meridians of Taiji spirit, Qi Medicine & Meditation merge into one, treating self becoming meditation, treating other becoming medicine.
The book is colourfully illustrated, showing concepts and 8 Extraordinary meridians.

Qi the source of life, picture of the book

Qi the Source of Life by Gregory Williams

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